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Sacred Rose Holders

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Grounded  Winter Solstice  December 21st 2020

Beloved Queendom:

The sacred holders would like you to know that the solstice ceremony has instigated a very deep process of examination in the integrity, safety and energetics of our Sacred Circle.

Since 21st of December 2020, the Sacred Holders have been sitting in counsel pooling the over 350 years of personal life experience to conceive and birth constructs that ultimately secure the safety of this Circle and its Ceremonial Space.

We are in the presence of our first true testing of the elements, energetixs, and integrity of this present Sacred Circle that is the New Earth Sistarship.

The opportunity for evolution is massive here and we are so happy to say, we are at a point at which full transparency must become present.

And so, it begins.

Little Crow has been recording all of our conversations, however, there are a couple that have been missed.  Right now the Sacred Holders are in a deep discovery and conceiving conversations about many things, including New Paradigm Transparency, Clarifying Sacred Confidentiality, Evolving Healing Structures and Purifying Sacred Ceremonial Circle Energetixs and overall composure of the Sistarship.

We have been spending hours, navigating our rosing and each of us is playing our part. We are literally at the frontiers of the New Empathic Paradigm carving it out step by step. And now is the time for us to share as fully and as completely with you as possible.

Below is a picture of Aurora and Little Crow Drumming.  Clicking on the view button on the picture below will bring you to a video of Aurora and Little Crow sharing on current events.


This Saturday 23rd January 2021, we will gather for the Sacred Season Sovereign Womb Chamber Session online.  The Sacred Holders would like to share with you the journey we have taken from events leading up to the Coronation, and through the Winter Solstice Ceremony on 21st December 2020, to the current day. For the purposes of full transparency, which is the desired Sacred Standard of Integrity for the New Earth Sistarhood.

We would like to invite you into the Sacred Talking Stick to freely share your thoughts, insights, observations and feelings regarding our Winter Solstice Ceremony, The New Earth Sistarship in general and anything else that is on your heart and mind.  The Sacred Talking Stick is full permission to share where each Wombans voice is honoured and heard.  The holding of the Sacred Talking stick means only the voice of the Sistar holding the stick is spoken and the Circle brings its full attention and deep listening to that Sistar, and we each take our turn.

We are very grateful to have Black Rose and Sankofa alongside Little Crow for the call, and together We will share what has been unfolding in the events prior to the Coronation right through Winter Solstice Ceremony to the present day. It is so important for us all to discuss whatever arises and begin to shape this Evolutionary Circle we find ourcelves in.

The video below is to begin to show you where we have been sitting with the dialogue, and what we are overstanding.  Sistars please watch all the way to the end for the retro pictures of Aurora and Little Crow and for the song, that Little Crow wrote after receiving her dream about this Circle.

Beneath the video please find the link to the Coronation report that will give you the timeline of events leading up to and just after the Ceremony of Coronation.

We offer this all to you in the loving truth of what is possible for us here as a New Earth Sistarhip.  It will take courage and compassion to walk into the nature of the transparency that is needed and desired amongst US. 

May the Great Mother Bless and Keep us as we go forward.  

Our Profound Love & Respect.

The Sacred Holders




little Crow & Aurora Dove

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Ancient Feminine Scripture

A Herstory of an Ancient Future Coronation and New Earth Constellation

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