ancient feminine culture is conceived as:

the natural norms and behaviours of the sacred feminine nature to form the circle, lodge, temple, coven.

it is the natural network of the womb and its expression of empathic artistry. which encompasses creative, empathic arts of all-natural intuition and alchemy.  through which there is harmonious embodiment of all essence of womban creating a natural synthesis which is inclusive and unifying.  ancient feminine culture is a movement within, a wave of remembrance so deep it stirs ancient whispers that tell of origins, the mother mind and the many faces and many names of the goddess.   

this empathic artistry that forms this culture is mainly manifested through

the universal cultural norms such as art, music, dance, ritual, ceremony, service,

vast intuitive multidimensional communication, sacred Technologies, craft, cuisine, apparel, and hearth.

It's mythologies and philosophies our ancient therefore belong to

the primordial past.  they are retrieved via the individual evolutionary journey of reclamation which provides access to cellular memory and to bring forward once again ancient future technologies in this new wave of hu awakening, for the advancement of hrcelf and the hu family