ancient feminine culture 5.

Rachel Rose


Ancient  Feminine Culture

But, when I look at the bigger picture in terms of the tiny little cell I


am in the scheme of all that there is.  I recognize that the kind of


journey I have lived is one of those essential changes that must happen

within Feminine Consciousness. 


We must reclaim ourselves from any structure, philosophy, doctrine,


and education that keeps us from the inherent power and wisdom that is


our Womb. 


Our Womb being the echelon of sovereignty and the most, pertinent,


profound, essential conscious and sentient technology on the planet.


Without which all creative, regenerative and manifestation processes


would cease to exist.


After many years of healing through my own personal trauma which


includes early childhood sexual abuse, years of depression, anxiety and


agoraphobia and decades of violent low self-esteem and chronic low




My trust in life has been broken and reset many times.


Nothing I sought after to bring healing to myself could bring me into a


place of stable recovery.


It was not until I heard this word empathic for the first time and began


to research and understand highly sensitive people that I began to


actually understand myself and how this hypersensitivity operates


within the consciousness of my womb.