The Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 was a classic statement of what was happening in Bristol at this time.  And in the background of the Social activism, the spiritual activism was at play. 

They told stories of how they would go to churches and they were turned away time and time again. 

It was a contradiction, a display of the fact that the patriarchal Christian movement in England largely the descendants of plantation owners, slave owners and those in control of the Church of England and the Catholic Church; those that in fact took and imposed this doctrine on the Islands, were not interested in embracing the people who they now saw as ex-colonial's and decedents of slaves.  


Yet the sense of it was that my personal foremothers and forefathers did not see themselves as descendants of slaves, but a spiritual people and a Royal Priesthood.   The Legacy of the Second movement of my people by boat was that not only did it hold, Professors, Doctors, Nurses and workers of all types.     It also brought the Visionaries, Activists, Rebels, Spiritual Warriors, Prophets and Priestess's,  Womban and Men of deep indigenous Medicine and Great Spiritual Power.


These attributes came forward within our joyful culture (family structure, food, music, clothing, religious and spiritual expression), Through the forwarding of Our Culture, the Mighty Ancestral Spirit began to rise and show the Roots Doctor, the Obeah Womban and Kumina Priestess, Great Orators and Poets, Teachers and Philosophers, Powerful Musical Prophets, and  Spiritual Leaders.

Given that the situation in Bristol was as it was.  There was only one thing that could be done and that was to establish their Own Churches,  build communities of worship that held their own cultural presence.