Mother, me & the Roses

 My Mother was taken to Service and prayer Circles by my Grand Mother.  My Mother grew up seeing the mission in full flow and all the struggles my Grand Mother handled raising 8 children, 6 churches, the men in the church and my Grand Father.  All of this so she could answer the relentless call of service on HR life. 

By the time Mother got to England and married my father and began this Ministry, she soon found HRcelf in a very similar situation to HR Mother.  Gathering the Womban into empowerment, navigating gender power relationships with male-dominated leadership.   My Mother was a nurse and a seamstress, SH was an amazing gardener HR flower Garden & HR Rose Garden were particularly beautiful.  SH named me Rose.  SH exhibited the gifts within HR Mother Line: Hands-on healing, Oracle, inspired speaker channel, Prophetess.  SH led all Womban Spiritual Healing Retreats. SH helped Womban, hurt Womban, abandoned Womban, Womban told HR their secrets, particularly around domestic abuse & violence. SH was High Priestess She was known for her spiritual sight and for the healing virtue that flowed through HR.