From that day on I was in training. The training consisted of my parents and my mentors showing me how to prepare myself so that when I sang I became a vassal for the Holy Spirit to bring through its dynamic healing power and clearing movement.

They raised me up with rituals Holy Communion, foot washing, tarrying for the Holy Spirit. And the preparation of the soul for service through prayer and fasting. I was constantly told to allow the Holy Spirit to move through me. “Let the Holy Ghost fill you with the power  Ra Ra”

This was my life for the first 24 years of my life. From a very early age, I was having out of body experiences. And having dynamic cosmic events. Making contact with Vast Beings, Angles. Higher Orders, Healing Streams,  Songlines and Prayerlines.

As my channel developed and I Began to demonstrate that I knew how to behave in the energies of a dynamic spiritual space. I was called to work at the Altar. The Altar is the place where people go to receive healing and spiritual breakthroughs cleansing and purification. People lay down their sorrows and their burdens at the Altar, This is where the surrender happens and the opening to receive the healing available. The Altar is where the breakthroughs get generated and processed.

Deborah Ruth , Mummy & Rachel Rose

Deborah Ruth & Rachel Rose