Power to Define


sometime later after understanding that I needed to go within Icelf to seek answers.  

 this quote came back to illuminate further with the ancient feminine edit.

"she who holds the power to define, holds true power"

                                                     this kind of inner dialogue evolved my own personal act of reclamation.                                                         now I could define and redefine Icelf in such a way it strengthened Icelf,

the more I dive within Icelf and followed the visions, the songs and the symbols.

I began to understand what lived inside Icelf. 

and it changed the way I beheld Icelf, how I read the inner landscapes of Icelf.

for the first time there was beauty here.

I set language free within Icelf and empowering Icelf in such away to take the

courage to rise up through and down past the patriarchal container

following this inspiration It always lead  back within Icelf, to love and forgive Icelf foreven more.