Deborah Ruth & Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose & Deborah Ruth

I am the youngest of 4 children born to my parents. Having chosen this family for my entrance to this particular life cycle.  I had chosen a fast track to spiritual living and experience. My parents pastored churches for over 50 years and it was their expectation that every single one of their children would be put into service to their mission.

Shortly after I was born, my grandfather, Christine Agatha Walsh's husband passed away. I was under a year old when my parents took me to Jamaica. I spent the next three years with my grandmother.

I learnt to walk and talk in her hands. 

My mother told me my grandmother took me everywhere with her.

If I could just explain a bit about the energy of being brought up in a family and spiritual community such as this. You see the parents are always waiting. Waiting to see what spiritual gifts this child would be bringing. There is a pressure here that has had incredible gifts and vast consequences.