Me & my brother PJ

By the time I was 3, I was back in England and was put in the custody of my Uncle Gladstone Henry Lewis and my Aunt Hyacinth Lewis who were great friends of my parents. They were the ones chosen to be my first mentors and I was their foster child.  I was placed with them as my Father had left for mission in Africa and my Mother was left to run the home church and a developing district of churches on her own. She, Hyacinth Lewis was a prayer and fasting warrioress. She was the one that put me on the path of sacredism and spiritual preparation.  I started fasting at age 5.  He,  Gladstone Henry Lewis my beloved Uncle and  Spiritual Father was the one that guided through my first song. I will never forget his great big red guitar how kind and gentle and soothing he was to me.


Well, that was it, it was determined I was a singer. I sang for the first time in front of a packed church. Only 3 years old, I already knew what was expected of me and I gave them what they wanted. They stood me on a chair in front of the pulpit, gave me the microphone and I sang "this little light of mine" and they all called out "sing Ra Ra, sing" My mother told me she was so proud they all went wild with applause and hallelujahs. The offering plates went round and an offering was raised to hear me sing it again. I was a hit and thus my fate was sealed.