My mother taught me if I lay my hands upon someone, with love and care and I was patient and forgot about myself. The Holy Spirit would come and help that person. I did as she said and she was right. So, at 14 I was an Altar worker. I loved this work. We call it Deliverance work. I Began to manifest the gifts within my mother Lines.

Please understand I was doing this work on a regular basis, Monday night prayer meeting, Tuesday night youth service, Thursday night prayer meeting and 2 services on Sundays. Not to mention special calls to prayer. Hospital visitation and visiting the sick, shut in and dyeing.


Like many people childhood was filled with challenges. There is a deeper story to tell, it is the story of the loss of innocence and the Domination of free will. I will be sharing more my hrstory in the  “Breaking Silence" category of "Rosina" the Blog for this site.

At 24 I was burnt out, with burning questions about everything, it was absolutely clear that I needed to get out. But I had been laying my escape plan for many years I also knew education was my only route out. So I applied to the Polytechnic of East London and left. My mother drove me to my student accommodations in London and I officially left home, stepping into this world completely naïve.