I've spent the last 27 years discovering who I am and what my purpose is in this world.     This has come through a deep unrelenting inspiration to heal Icelf and actualize Icelf.      An inner healing journey of celf reclamation.

I have experienced many types of people, many cultures, many belief systems, religions and spiritual philosophies. I have found Oneness in it All.  I’ve been jobless, homeless and hungry. I’ve been inspired to walk the down into the Earth, up into HR mountains, sit in HR Nature, sit upon HR white Selenite Beaches and walk-in HR desserts.  And all of it has in some way contributed to and constituted my journey into feminine sacredism.  It is through this journey I have found my medicine, modalities and inner wisdom to heal Icelf.

.Our beloved Deborah Ruth made her transition through an experience of breast cancer in September 2010.  This is a reality that is still unbelievable yet totally known to me.


Recently both my parents made their crossing Mother first, February 1st 2016 and Daddy 8 months and 18 days later on October 19th 2016.  I had the incredible blessing to care for both my parents on their exit journey.            The mutual resolution, healing, forgiveness and utter acceptance that happened in that season has changed my life in a dynamic manner.  They both blessed me before they left.           I’ve spent the last 2 years evolving deeply and discovering what it is I truly want to do. And it's quite simple. Just like my mother and my grandmother before me, I wish to provide a space for healing and feminine empowerment.