My earliest memories are of my mother taking me to all Womban prayer circles where I would be surrounded by women singing, dancing, praying, toning, healing, meditating and playing the tambourine, and speaking in tongues.

” I was raised by many of these Womban, and the resonance of years of sitting with them and their desire to love, support, heal and honour themselves, each other has covered me all of my life.

The result of these gatherings I saw again and again. What needed to come up, came up, it was purged, grief, shame, guilt, insecurity, low self-esteem, the wounds came up for healing, the stress, anxiety and depression came up for clearing and sanctification. The fear dispelled by renewed faith, bodies healed, brokenness dismissed as if all the pieces were put back together again. I saw relationships healed, families restored, problems solved, and issues resolved.