Ancient Feminine Scripture

Herstory of a Ancient Future Coronation & New Earth Constellation

Little Crow

Report to the

New Earth Sistarship Ceremonial Team

& the Sacred Holders & Advisors

Beloved Sistar Queen: I come forward at this time to address the Queendom that WE ALL ARE.

We are living in the most pertinent and transformative time we have ever encountered on this planet. 

Everything is aligning, celestial and terrestrially for a quantum shift. 

As we journey with the Celestial Bodies lighting the path towards Winter Solstice 2020

and the Great Return and the grounding of a New Earth.

I’ve just listened to a message on the WhatsApp from our beloved Laura Kate.  Her message has helped to clarify the necessity of this communication. Therefore, in love and in the duty of responsibility and commitment to authenticity, as well as the Sacred Destiny that has moved over me to consciously re-establish our Ancient Herstory, Culture, Legacy, Life Led Initiation and Rites of Passage.  I’m so blessed to share with you Our LIVING HERSTORY and the Birthing of the New Earth Sistarhood.

Sistars, I have been humbled again to the great power of the Ancestral Medicine in this lodge, I have been humbled by the Sacred Oracle, I’ve been HUMBLED.  Humbled to a deeper embrace of the Sacred Nature of this work, the integrity that is required to walk the path and the transparency that is absolutely necessary for continued personal and collective evolution.

The following is unfolding of the most dynamic shift I have ever experienced.  I’m still in the wonder and the magic of this experience, my mouth is still open when I consider what it is that has been found, reclaimed, and restored.  This has elevated every aspect of my life, medicine, calling and mission.  I do see it as one of the central processes of the Coronation.  And it has been witnessed by Sitting Bear, Rose Crow and Black Rose and Iris Cora.  Iris Cora and I have journeyed this path together for the last 15 years. Iris was present at my Ceremony of Installation back in July 2010, it was not long after this Installation I returned home to Bristol in October 2010.

I want to show you the process that we all have been involved with through achieving this Coronation.  I want to show you the outcomes so far and I want to thank you for staying with me, and loving me as I show you the truth of who I am. And I am deeply called to show you the Sacred Inner Work, that I now believe necessary for us to do as a New Earth Sistarship.  I propose to facilitate a Sacred Feminine Healing Truth & Reconciliation Ceremony with the Ceremonial Team on December 14th 2020.

Ordination to Reverend 

Rev. Rachel Rose

July 2010

RH: Reverend Mother Carole Brigid  Officiating


Before I continue I must extend my eternal thanks to Carole Nomessin (Sitting Bear) for being the catalyst for this elevation.  The roles WE took on here were agreed before we both entered this life cycle.  Furthermore, it is Sitting Bear that has tested the metal of our Sistarship.  Sitting Bear did the one thing that was absolutely necessary for us and for me to complete the cycle of the past Ceremonial Decade.  Sitting Bear stayed, she didn't run away and because of this we have established truth and witnessed the power of this Sistarhood and the depth of the culture we are returning.  At last, we are shown that when we stay and face what is going on our bond of Sistarship deepens and our collective energetixs are purified. At the Ceremony of Coronation & Constellation, it was my great honor to award Sitting Bear the Blue Rose of The Order of The Lady of Valor and the Red Rose of Valor in Sistarship & Mothership.  My eternal thanks for your service Sitting Bear, know that you have left this legacy among us. Ase.


Over the 3 days of November 7th, 8th & 9th, 2020, the Oracle had fully made Hrcelf known in the Lodge.  It was time to enquiry into the New Earth Sistarhood group over soul and take a look at what the Ancestral Sacred Union wanted to show me.

Please note Sistars, due to the sequence of events, its only Rose Crow that has had access to the following video.  I was planning to provide this for the Ceremonial Team, thinking you all would be the first into the new Online Forum, but yet again this work is beyond planning, beyond time, beyond the linear, there was a greater plan at play.

I just want to add that I mycelf have taken for granted the fact that I am not exempt from the work that comes through from the Oracle.  This is tied into much of what I have discovered about mycelf in the process, the years of playing it small, the yeas of talking mycelf down, the years of thinking mycelf less than. The years of carrying the projection of others.  For years I prescribed my Shadow Queen to the Father Wound.  But Sistars, the Father Wound I have found for mycelf is not the primary wound… mouth is still open.

Not long after finalising this video, I received a call from Sitting Bear.  On the call, I said a few times in response to Sitting Bear that the decisions on the issues she was raising were really down to her.  Then she asked me to ask the pendulum.  Which I did, totally contrary to the fundamental message that was coming through. I gave her the inner child work that had dropped down from my recent Ancestral Milestones and had shown itcelf in the Oracle Reading. I did specify to her that this was Circle Work and that I was giving it to her early.  That’s me Sistars underestimating and not valuing the Sacred Nature and the Sacred Power of the Medicine, as well as being impacted by someone else's culture regarding the use of the pendulums. I did not live up to the ethos of the Sacred Pendulum which is primarily for Sacred Healing, inquiry is secondary, and it is not the way I have been taught to create relationship with this Sacred Tool. 

For those of you who will be in Pendulum School this season in Crow Academy, I want you to know that I have fully recommitted and re-established the boundaries of this Medicine. I will not downplay these Sacred Pendulums because I’m downplaying mycelf.  I have Promised to return a culture of truth regarding these Sacred Tools and return the memory of the Ancient Temple days, where the Sacred Pendulums were used to access the healing dimensions and discern and prophecy how we can sustain a harmonious relationship with nature and all the elementals.  The Sacred Pendulums were constellated with me at the Coronation.


On the evening of November 9th, Rose Crow picked me up and we went to see Sitting Bear for her birthday.  That morning I had just uploaded the video, getting it ready to send out to you the next morning.  After having lots of fun, eating, drumming, singing, playing the guitar, and laughing.  Sitting Bears man carer came to sit with us.  He told me that Carole had told him about the work with her inner little boy and that he had the inner feminine and its true.  I FROZE the Ice Block within immediately present, my throat jammed, it felt like I was being punched in the face from multiply directions.  I became acutely aware of a shift in Rose Crow’s energy.  I turned to her, seeing the recognition of something on her face and hearing a question in her fields.  I looked at her and said that is the work I’m due to send you tomorrow.

By the time I got back to the lodge, things were activating.  When I checked in to mycelf I knew something major had just happened, but I could not define.  But it was clear to me that there had been a breach.  The work of the Circle had been passed on; a Sistar in the Circle (Rose Crow) had heard about work she didn’t even know about from a man.  Now I fully see and understand how this chain of events began with me.

I began looking at how I could use what was already in place to manage the breech I was acutely feeling.  I asked for help and took action, by placing the new Sistar’s in the New Earth Sistarhood and leaving you all out of it, apart from Rose Crow who had to receive the work as a means of healing this breach.  I sealed up the New Earth Sistarhood and let the new Sistars into the medicine work for the month.  In a conversation with Sitting Bear, I completely handed over the Inner Child Sacred Union Medicine to the world, by humbling mycelf to the Medicine and fully detaching, laying down ownership and sending the Medicine out to bless the world.  Fully transmuting the moment on the timeline in total surrender to Spirit.

The next day I was still in action.  All I could hear was ask for help, ask for help.  I called Black Rose.  At this point, I withheld all the names.  I just told her the experience as I received it.  Black Rose asked me how I felt about it all.  At that point, all I could think about was the Circle, how to secure.  I have to tell you Sistars, I did not know how traumatised I was at the time.  Black Rose asked me if she could share something with me and she spoke and, in her speaking, she said the word betrayal and it was like the Ice filled my being again, to brain freeze feeling.  Hope you get what I mean here.  


After speaking with Black Rose, I had a new level of clarity enough to do the communication with Sitting Bear.  I called her and told her what I had experienced,  I advised her that as a result of the Coronation that all the Sistars would need to be advised of what has happened, and this could not sit as a white elephant in the zoom room when you all met next time to discuss the Coronation.  In addition, I found the energy around me and through me was really tainted and that the Energetixs of the Coronation must be checked.

Sitting Bear offered sincere apologies.  Truthfully, I was in profound judgment at this time, I truly could not believe the level of unawareness I was witnessing on the call with her.  We left that call saying that there was more to say and that we would communicate with each other when it came up.  I then called Rose Crow and brought her up to speed, the centre of this conversation was to put this on the table and of course, Rose Crow immediately saw the need for this transparency.


This all happened on Wednesday 11th November 2020.

Thursday morning about 3:45 am, I am awoken by the ICE, a foreboding radiating from the core of my being.  What is this I say to mycelf and I go in.  The following is a portion of my Medicine Journal for that day.


Right now, I’m just sat here with this word BETRAYAL and it feels beyond word.  What’s even worst I received the foreboding, the warning.  I’m playing out an Ancient Feminine Wound.  An Ancient timeline is emerging replaying a tale of Sistarly Betrayal.

I realize I’m in SHOCK

Two Womban who have connected deeply, a friendship and a sistership both now looking in the mysteries of soul inevitability and the rattling of the karmic imprint.  Happiness, travelling, sharing, supporting holding each other.  Fire after Fire, Ceremony after Ceremony. Sharing deep life moments, there for each other.  Then enter the man centre stage. Now two Womban replay an Ancient woe.  It’s really hitting now as I begin to see the vast scheme of it.

It strikes me in Solar Plexus straight down into my Womb. Its presence has actually been here since the beginning of our connection.  The learning in this is great and the pathway to walk through this gate of knowledge is one of acute pain.  Right now, I feel tainted.

Why could I not see the betrayal, it took Black Rose to say it to me.  As soon as I told Aurora she got it.  Yet the word has sat numbly in me, as an old wound memory preserved in ice, sat right in my being.

It awakens me 3:45 am it’s a hit, right into my vulnerabilities, the poisoned celf talk rising, chattering, cycling, and streaming in my mind.  I begin to check in navigating my way down and I hit the timelines, the Akasha and the Storylines.   There are a few present here, each of them bringing awareness to the current timeline.  Showing up as recall of all the times in this current life where our energies did not sit well together clash, upset, suspicion, set up.  Yes, this has the classic dramatic plots and subplots of the best soap opera.

I weep for this ancient woe that we carry between us Womban, Sistars.  It’s in our bodies, it's generational, it's cellular, it’s a fundamental wound a breech a significant breach. 

I’m back in this timeline for a while, I realise the foreboding came up every time she said his name or when she repeatedly stated I am open to receive, he chose me, I’ve been chosen, when she asks “oh are you seeing anyone” and you know that’s not really a question for you, it’s an introduction, her way to take the space to tell you that unlike you she is with a man.  And I know she doesn’t get that. My whole body would freeze into resistance and numbness whenever she said, “Oh and there are no strings attached” Every time the feeling, the Ice would rise out of my womb right into my throat.  What the hell is going on?

The Akasha Opens and the Ancestral Mothers come forward with their tale.  I see Lilith rise in me, dark Lilith betrayed by her Sistar Eve, Medusa churns in me, Medusa betrayed by her Sistar Athena.  I feel and see a bitter old, twisted Witch misshapen and deformed from the onslaught of the rage enacted upon her, burning in her own fire, bitter and twisted and the story playing out in the light of her fires flame is her Sistar walking away hand in hand with the invading patriarch, him whispering in her ear falling asleep under his seduction and pledge of protecting her.  Such is the burning, relived, recaptured, remembered, retrieved REAL


I see the distant ancient lands with the networked Temples of the MAMI WATA, KEMET, LEMUR, ATLANTIS, PALADES & SIRIUS.  Ancient scrolls unfolding in me, reliving the herstory of the betrayal.  The acute devastating pain in understanding they could only do it because we betrayed each other.


When the Timelines Collide, we experience the healing crisis, and it begins the process.  The Timeline Collapses when we reach the pinnacle in the wisdom of the Timelines Colliding and so we heal and evolve.

My mind is going back to Penzance and seeding the Ritual of The Great Return.  When we sat outside the Moon Lodge and I was sharing the Energetixs of the Ritual, and we spoke about engaging with the point on the Timeline and not that actual plot or characters. Something feels like its completing itcelf here. 


Shadow Queen.jpg


When the Timelines Collide, we reach the root of the wound aligned to its point of origin.  The internal crisis reaches critical mass, wobble, psychotic break, out of body experience, physical and etheric paralysis, dimensions open, blocked throat in fact full Shen block.

At first, you have no idea what it is, you cannot make sense of it, the feeling, why you're reacting this way.  What am I feeling?



She immediately processes that there is something significantly flawed about you.

She immediately makes hercelf smaller than her Sistar

The chronic inner voice starts to chatter a devastating celf talk, “here we go again” she says, “What have you done wrong now?”, “Your just bad, awful, wrong, stupid, irresponsible, jealous, weak and fullish, nobody likes you, other Womban are better than you, basically you suck”.

Now there is a lot of wisdom here, some good questions actually, but the Feminine Victims enquiry is made from the depths of the wound, her voice is the pain and the woe of our personal experience in the Timeline,  the Ancestral Mothers calling out for you to free the line from this cancer of sisterly betrayal, the generational bondage of etheric static built up in our bodies and the Sacred Rose Akasha opening the Scrolls of the Great Persecution releasing the ancient grief of what we have done to ourcelf and each other. This is the evolutionary nature of this work.

Overall I realise and understand her banshee screams she’s really just saying “look at this, feel this, don’t ignore this, deal with this, remember who you are, let your Organixs rise, empower yourcelf and align with me, don’t do what they trained you to do and not allow me my voice, If you look at this it will change you,


And if we don’t do the work to look at how she operates in each of us then we will

never secure the Global Sistarhood.



She sits so subtly within the inner plains, waiting. 

Waiting for her opportunity to align with the Feminine Victim in her Sistar. 

She is JEALOUS, she does COMPETE, and she fully allows the mind of the Womban to believe she is not doing that.  

She activates and launches when she is in the presence of a man and her personal boundaries are thin or non-existent.

In his presence, the only thing that is held Sacred is his desire for her. 

She falls beneath his seduction, into a dangerous lack of awareness.

She will give it all up for a man, but this is not acknowledged within her.

The need to be CHOSEN by a man is so powerful she sells hercelf out and she sells out her Sistars and her daughters. 

She exchanges her personal power for the FLASE power of being the chosen one, and she flaunts it unconsciously or consciously over her Sistars. 

She is the maintainer of the original breach.

She believes that with a man at last she is better than her Sistar.

She is the Usurpers Queen, easily manipulated by masculine attention.

The purpose of his seduction upon her is to destroy the bond of love and respect amongst Womban to ensure we do not Circle again and to get access to the Mystery and the medicine that we carry.

I am making a note here to you that I have also experienced the Feminine Predator activated around a powerful Womban and I have seen where one Sistar betrays another Sistar and hercelf by seeking to get the approval of the powerful Womban.  We have to be very careful here Sistars.


The Feminine Predator is wrathful, she is wrathful because her story is unheard and unspoken. She is in chronic pain due to layers and layers of celf betrayal.  And years and years of allowing others to use her, she cannot defend hercelf from selling out, she has to sell out, because it is the only way she knows how to be seen, and she only wants to be seen so she can tell us her story.

Her voice is our voice crying in the wilderness of our collective grief, her woe is ancient, her heart is broken, shattered by her inevitable destiny to betray.  She carries the knowledge of what we did to each other in the original patriarchal invasion, and she longs to tell us why she did it.

And if we don’t do the work to look at how she operates in each of us then we will never secure the

Global Sistarhood.


I called Black Rose Thursday afternoon.  I got to do a lot of clearing, I got to let the inner motifs play out.  I got to tap into the plots, look at the Galactic Connections and received the Core Wound Medicine from the Black Rose.  I sat with her on the Friday also and dived even deeper.  It was important for this to be held and witnessed.  Thank you, Black Rose.

“Betrayal is a doubled edge sword, who betrayed who?” 

“It's Never about the other person its always about us” 

"There’s no getting around it, you can’t go over it, the only way is to go through it”            

 Black Rose (Linda Raven)

This is not about who’s wrong and who's right, this is about our collective wound and how it plays out in our personal spheres.  This is about celf knowledge, celf responsibility, integrity, authenticity, and honour.  This is about the fact that both of these Ancient Feminine motifs reside in all of us.  My inner victim had to have a conversation with my inner predator for the release.  Black Rose skilfully held me as I allowed them to meet within me. 





I cannot breathe beneath the weight of the projection.

The projection unto me. 

The projection of my imperfection and the lowly state as defined by the one projecting upon me.

I am fundamentally flawed; I cannot see anything about or within mycelf beyond this projection.

I take it on, I take on and fully own that I am less than anyone else.

I consistently sabotage mycelf to keep mycelf in a disempowered position.

I lack celf accountability and cling to my victimhood as a crack addict clings to crack.

I continually prostitute mycelf out, I consistently offer my services as the doormat.

I will take the blame for everything, I love it, I love the pain of hating mycelf, I am so comfortable here.

I consistently betray my Sistars by not holding my boundaries, allow them to either compare/compete with me and I will agree because I am afraid of their rejection.

I am a manipulator, manipulating everything so I remain the victim, I can’t wait for the next performance.

I am held in block in my throat my belly and my womb, blocked with all the things I have not said.

I will crumble and devastate the Sistarship with my insidious need for attention to my victimhood and I will arrange for you to play out the character that I have projected upon you.

Some of these things I do consciously because I have validated them within mycelf, they always play out the way I want.

Most of these things operate in me, they devastate me time and time again and I am unaware so very very unaware when it is happening.

When I am active, I always run the story of what others have done to me and I love the devastation in mycelf when I see the truth in mycelf, and I DENY it.

I make mycelf available to be the one to be set aside by others so I can point fingers and say look at what she did to me.  I ABSOLUTELY LIVE FOR THAT MOMENT, I just naturally set this up for us.

I am so because I cannot trust you to receive my truth.

I am so because I am powerful, I am a spiritual power and in my experience, if I show you my truth you will get jealous and envious and you will project this upon me, burning me once more.

I am so because I have been printed with years and years of falseness and I have been prohibited from being mycelf.  I have learned this well and now I do it to mycelf.

I hate it when you are chosen because I know you cannot truly remember what happened the last time you were chosen.  The last time you were chosen you helped him burn me in the fire.

I am so because I remember how you could not hold the faith of our origins and power, you gave into them and you betrayed our deep mysteries, our temples, and our Sacred Places.

The only way to save me is to allow me to be one with my TWIN THE ANCIENT FEMININE PREDATOR.



I will destroy you again and again until you remember why I am here.

I see you waiting there, and I am quick to align with you and set you up for a rude awakening.

You fall for it every time, the men taught me this trickery.

I’m subtle sometimes I allow you to think I’m not as powerful as you, sometimes I allow you to just revel in your own power and tie yourcelf up in your ego.

At times I just fill up the space with unhealthy suggestions for you, I make you think I care about you but I’m really just paving the way to show you what I’ve got.

I play with your mind by projecting my insecurities onto you, I like it when you think you’re the wrong one.

I will try to take what you have and if I can’t, I’ll take you down in your mind.

I laugh at you because you don’t see it, really, I’m mocking you all the time behind your back in my own head.  Who does she think she is, I’m better than her and somehow, I’m going to show her this.

I see the man and I will be chosen by the man because I let him fully possess me, because I know that he will give me the status that you don’t have.

I flatter and falsely praise our powerful Sistars and use the same seduction he used on me, to separate us and weaken us.

I am fully committed to flipping it on you, I am not the weak one, you are the weak one.

I’m a chameleon of shadow, shape-shifting and positioning mycelf to betray you and weaken you.

It's easy because you can’t help it you have to get the external validation; you are not enough for yourcelf.

I keep burning you because you don’t remember what happened and because you don’t remember what happened you have become oblivious to me.

He did not get me by his seduction, this is where you are blaming me.

He got me to burn you by threatening the life of my children, Rapping my body and soul and my children.

Depraving me of food so I would do anything.

I tried to warn you, but you were fixed and absolutely unwilling to reshape in order to hold the inevitable invasion.

Given the choice of burning you or burning my children.  I made my choice.

Yet I hate mycelf for the choice that I made, and now that celf hatred Is projected upon you through my hidden jealousy and competition.

I am rouge within you propelling you forward in disguise until I get to the heart of the Circle and I launch my attack, too late, I make sure you don’t see me coming.

Stop ignoring me, stop telling yourcelf you’re not jealous, you’re not envious, you don’t compete.

I show up when I hear about the success of others.  I pretend that I am happy for you, I pretend that I support you, but once you speak your success to me, I will invalidate you, I’m always invalidating you because I’m not really listening to you, I’m just waiting to tell you my success and I make sure mine is bigger by totally ignoring your success and launching mine upon you as soon as you have spoken your last word.

The only way to save me is to allow me to be one with my TWIN THE ANCIENT FEMININE VICTIM.

Little Crow

The acknowledgement of these Inner Archetypes and their reunion released me from the oppression of the betrayal and the betrayer within me and without me.  Through this deep inner work, that continues in me, I have re-joined what was broken and reclaimed what was stolen and retrieved what was hidden, my celf respect, my Sacred celf, my celf responsibility, my celf love and most of all mycelf trust.

This had to be the path to this elevation, and I have walked the path to this elevation in the truest place within me. I thank you for walking with me, I thank you for holding me, for preparing for me, for allowing me to be my greatness.  This elevation is for all of us Sistar Queen. 

As such, I do Declare that on Saturday 21st November 2020, after

10 years sojourn upon the land of my Birth:


I, Atià (Matra, Mirror, Guide, Queen)

Rachel Rose Tehelah Ashekah Little Crow

Aset SA (Blood of the Great Mother) Ptah RA (Light of the Great Father)

Did fully embody my Sacred Queendom and was elevated and witnessed by the gathering of the Sacred Sistarhood and declared Sovereign within mycelf and upon this planet.


The Hereditary Order of The Womban of Valor

Lady of Valor, Daughter of Valor.

My first action as newly embody Queen was to call order to this Queendom.  The first order called was the Order of the Womban of Valour which is the hereditary Order of my Ancestral Mothers founded by my Grand Mother Bishop Christine Agatha Walsh in St. Mary’s Parish Jamaica between the years of 1958 & 1967 (the year of my birth).  This order was then established in England by my Mother Pastor Sweedie Mae Edmund in 1982 in Bristol England.  I inherited this Order in the month of August 2015, as my Mother put her final arrangements together in preparation for her death.  She asked me if I would continue her work.  I answered I would, but I would not be returning to the church.  She blessed me and said then I give you and all I have placed in you to the world.  As such, I became Heir to the legacy of Feminine Spiritual Empowerment which is and remains that calling of my lineage

And the Great Mother said to me, “do not fear and do not be dismayed.  Take all the Sovereign Womban with you and ARISE.  I will deliver these Corrupt Kings into your hands, his people will turn and his lands will be handed over” And so, I arose and declared mycelf Sovereign and on that day I called 14 Womban of Valor.  For we are a chosen Sistarship, a Royal Priestesship and a Holy Circle.

“The Great MOTHER is with you, O mighty Womban of Valor.”

Your, Worth is FAR above Rubies

Your life Expresses Our Culture

You are Robust in Feminine Economixs

You are Blessed to Give and Receive

You are Spiritually Gifted and Competent

You are Strong and Valiant

You emulate the Mothers Intelligence

You Womb is girded with Strength 

In the Process of calling The First Order, I also arranged my Chamber as Follows:


Evolutionary Sight & Confidant to Little Crow

 Iris Cora loyal Sistar/Advisor and devoted companion on the path.

High Priestess to Little Crow

 Black Rose Linda Raven

Captainess Womban of Valor & the Sacred Feminine Guard

 Aurora Dove (Dawn Bailey) Lady of Valour- Little Crow’s Right Wing

First Sovereign Daughter

 Madeline Rose Crow Lady of Valour - Little Crow’s Left Wing

I have formally elevated:

Lara Kate

 Sacred Union Carnelian Rose of Valour – Ancestral Sacred Union Fire Keeper



Lady of Valour Holder in waiting, Holders Fire Keeper in waiting

I have formally adopted:

Sankofa Rose (Louise Merrick Power)

Yellow Rose of Oshun Lady of Valour Sovereign Daughter in the Chamber

RA Racquelle Angela

Blue Rose Freedom Codex Lady of Valour Sovereign Daughter in the Chamber

Prema Sandy

Blue Rose Freedom Codex Lady of Valour Sovereign Daughter in the Chamber

Daughters in the Sovereign Womb Chamber

Prema Jasmine Daughter of Valour

Afua Rosina Daughter of Valour

Elsie Harp Daughter of Valour

Louise Dix Daughter of Valour

Kayle Daughter of Valour


I Atià Rachel Rose Little Crow Aset SA Ptah RA

Do declare that by the loving commitment to the evolution and awakening of the Hu Family and in the holding of our Natural Destiny. WE as Sovereign Womban on this Earth Star, have re-established our Ancient Feminine Culture, by performing the Ceremonial Rites of Passage and Ancient Future Ceremony of Coronation and Constellation.  It is now our responsibility to ensure that this Rite becomes our tradition so it may forward our culture to all willing Earth Womban.  Asé


I Atià Rachel Rose Little Crow Aset SA Ptah RA,

Do make the Sacred Promise to continue to do the inner work that is necessary to retrieve the Medicine needed for the establishment of our Great Return.  I promise you my authenticity, integrity, truth, transparency, and freedom from power-based relationships.  I promise to commit to ensuring that the playing field is equal for us all.  I promise to hold the Sacred Integrity and with sincere love in my heart

I promise to serve my people to the best of my ability.

And so, by this mighty witness of Sacred Sovereign Womban it is my right to declare myself:

Atià Rachel Rose Little Crow I 

Aset SA Ptah RA

New Earth Winter Queen, Queen of Pentacles - Defender of the Earth Star, Breaker of the Silence, High Priestess Sacred Rose Temple, Establisher of Sacred Circles, Mother of The Womban of Valour, Definer Ancient Feminine Culture,

Ancient Future Oracle, Emodier of the Ancestral Sacred Union,

Resonance of the Mother Drum,

Blood of the Great Mother, Light of the Great Father.

I have come to turn the tables, I have come to resign corrupt Kingdoms, I have Come to Heal the Wombs, I have come to Break the Chains, I have come to raise the New Earth Queens, I have come to re-establish a legacy of Peace, Free Will and FREEDOM.  I have returned to know mycelf, so that I may know my people.