Message from Little Crow

Blessed Rising, Grand Rising my Sistar Queen:

I extend to you Holy and Sacred Season Greetings.

I reach out today to express that I am seeking, Sistar Queens, Sacred Womban, Holy Womban, that are ready to dive deep next Sacred Season.  The Sacred Season is for the Warrioress, the Priestess, the Goddess, the New Earth Medicine Womban, New Earth Healers and New Earth Queens.

To receive the maximum experience in the Sacred Season truly depends on who you are as a Sacred Womban.  Are you a Womban that is able to stand in your own celf responsibility? Are you a Womban that is aware of of the mysteries of your inner world?  Are you a Womban that can navigate the dimensions?  Are you a Womban that wants to follow a path of Life Led Initiation, to take you to the next level of your Life, Work, Relationship and more, Are you a Womban that is 1000% committed to Celf Activation, Celf Actualization, Celf Realisation and Celf Initiation? You may not have an absolute firm yes to these questions, and that’s ok, I am really just showing you the Energetixs.

The Sacred Season operates within the New Earth Empathic Paradigm In Our Culture we call this the MA Space.  In this Space, we are actively deconstructing the old spiritual paradigm and old-world structures and constructs of limitation. 

Beloved, If you are seeking a deep healing journey one that will challenge and open you towards your own deeper embodiment and personal Sovereign Queendom.  Then please book a ONEONONE Zoom call with me below. 

In the ONEONONE we will spend and Hour and 30 minutes together.  In this time we will discuss many things, you will have time to ask questions, and answer some of mine, we will get to know each other and of course, it is the ultimate opportunity for us to check each other out and see if we calibrate.


On Wednesday 26th May 2021 I will open Little Crow's Lodge on the Zoom portal one more time for the final opportunity to receive any further information or clarification regarding The Sacred Season with Rachel Rose Little Crow, before I drop into my pause in June 2021.  During my pause, I am resting from the Sacred Season and things will not begin to cycle back around again until mid-late September 2021, when I will begin calling us into Orientation for the Sacred Season, preparing us to begin in October.

So my beautiful SIstar Queen, I invite to book a slot with me below, places are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  Booking is only through the boxes below however independent inquires are welcome please feel free to write to me at

In the meantime please read all about the Sacred Season by clicking the logo at the very top of bottom of this page.

I do hope to meet and speak with you soon.

All my love,

Little Crow


Sacred Season ONEONONE Bookings

  • Wed, 26 May
    Little Crows Lodge Zoom Portal.
    26 May, 20:00 – 27 May, 22:00
    Little Crows Lodge Zoom Portal.
    LETS CALIBRATE: Live chat with Little Crow, all things Sacred Season, Agreements, Exchange Rate, and much more.