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Lineage, Legacy & Herstory


Born: Stewart Town, St. Marys Parish, Jamaica

March 8th 1908 - 1981


Bishop Christine Agatha Walsh 



It all begins with my Grand Mother Bishop Christine Agatha Walsh.  The daughter of a black Maroon Womban my Great Grand Mother and a white  Scottish/Irish plantation owners son.  His name was Mr Tyson and he had many children. 

As a child, my Grand Mother went to church with her Mother and Grand Mother.  My Grand-Mother was a LARGE Womban. 

A Spiritual Power House.  People called HR MaMa.  She was at the heart of HR community. She had a fierce pure love about her and wanted to heal the suffering of her people.  She would walk miles and miles, she would walk right out of her shoes,

to go tell somebody the “Good News"