Activate your personal Indigenous Feminine Organixs

A 7-month Seasonal Healing Journey for

Sacred Rose Sistarhood, Multi-Dimensional Healers & Mystics, Feminine Empowerment Facilitatras,  

 New Earth Circle Grounders, Ancient/Future Technologists, 

Transformational Leaders, New Earth Medicine Womban.

The Sacred Season 

With Rachel Rose Little Crow 

Message from Little Crow

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

Dear Sistar:

This website is a manifestation of my evolution, transformation and spiritual healing.

My intention for this season is to become more visible as one of the goals to attain my vision and that is to sit with as many womban as I can in Sacred Healing Ceremony,

Ritual and Evolutionary Embodiment work.  


This website is designed to give you the maximum information for you to make a decision on Journeying through the Sacred Season with a group of Womban many of whom travel with me every year.  And new Sistars who will sit in the Sacred Season for the first time.

Best practise with this website is to start at the beginning and read everything here. 

I have provided testimonials as fully as I can. 

Reading them will really support you, I hope you enjoy them.

Everything you need to know about me is linked for you below. But, I'll be sharing a lot more as you read through.  Sistar I humbly ask that you read the following Profiles and my Herstory. They will give you plenty of information about me and you will be able to pick up my energy.  I believe that it is truly important to know as much as you can about a Sacred / Spiritual Facilitator or anyone else who will hold space for you.

" I believe every soul comes to this Earth Star with their own unique medicine.  I believe you are here because you desire to take a quantum leap into your Being to discover, own and manifest you're potential. 

The Sacred Season offers a Sacred Space to dive deep and heal back the layers, to be held and witnessed as you make the descent into your mighty being, do the Evolutionary Embodiment Work to Emerge

and Celf Initiate in the spring. 

I invite you to join me in this Seasonal Healing Journey" 

Click on the Winged Rose Ankh below 

OR wherever you find it on this page, for enrolment information,

sign up & join in the Sacred Season FREE online OPEN DAY 




Message from Little Crow

Thank you for being here, I graciously invite you to keep scrolling and take the journey through this page for all the information concerning this Sacred Season. 

Dear Sistar:

What are you birthing? what are you in conception with? What are you wanting to manifest? What are the desires of your heart? and what do you seek to heal, restore, and actualize in yourcelf to bring forward this mighty creation, whether that be a Circle, New Wave Healing Technology, Curriculum, Program, or System.  It may be a Relationship, Marriage, Sacred Union, Constellation, Child, or call to service that is conceiving itcelf.

"I am connecting with You beloved Sistar,

Blessed Sacred Womban,

 Your Powerful, Unique, Beautiful Celf"


You’re the one holding others, You’re the one channelling, You’re the one providing the transformational space, You’re the one Calling and Grounding the Sacred Spaces and Circles, You’re the one working on the frontlines of the Trauma, You’re the one Caring, Supporting, Inspiring and Carving out the way.  You’re the one Witnessing, Clearing, Consulting, Coaching and Counselling.  You’re the one having Cosmic and Galactic Connections, Journeying and Traveling in Global Service,

Receiving and Embodying the New Earth Codes. 


"If you are holding others to do their transformational, healing and evolutionary work, I am here to hold you to do your transformational, healing and evolutionary work"

Blessed Sistar:

I want to remind you that nothing naturally new gets here without initiating through the Life Portal, Star Gate that resides in your womb.  We are literally birthing the New Earth and the New Empathic Paradigm. With this, there are major evolutionary shifts being released and embodied with us, Major Downloads, Massive Uploads, Vided and Lucid Multidimensional experiences, Personal Cosmic and Galactic Alignments, Attunements and Calibrations. Deep Ancestral Remembrance and a Wave of Ancient Feminine Empowerment that is fostering a GREAT REMEMBERANCE WITHIN US.

"She never acted like a teacher but a keeper of her own Mothership that activates one into their own too."

"Fully in her power, she takes up space, literally, she becomes it, she holds it, embodies it, emanates it. It is imminent and evident of the work she has committed to and the evolving consciousness that engulfs you in the presence of this holy one. She illuminates the golden sun. I never felt small in this Wombans presence, I felt rich, I felt seen, I felt amplified, I felt larger than life itself. Weights were lifted off of me just in the pure transmutation of her as witness, all was returned to the origin, the source, divorcing all toxic patterns of limitation. Ceremony has no imitation, she is the original womban. Defined by "know one". Takes one to know one. There is no space for her, she takes up everything. She's not holding back, holding you accountable as you cut out all the crap.  She made me understand what big is, when there is no room for anyone else in her space, meaning she is a unified field of light, all parts of you will return to that source. Rachel Rose is a mirror and that little Crow is a big death, a grand flight, an almighty light. Rachel Rose wasn't a teacher she is a friend one where the learning is all-encompassing and has no end. Rachel Rose held such a deep space for me, that what could not be accessed through words, deep-seated grief, activated and empowered my youngest. She called forth all of one's remembrance.


Rachel Rose modelled mutual respect, a deep honouring for the timeless wisdom that was present in me. I was seen beyond the linearity of my human design and also within, that allowed me to fully embody all aspects of myself on a multidimensional level. There is something powerful about an Elder that respects, honours and has confidence in the young womban to lead. That is a legacy that will continue living. It has been a privilege to witness what I would call a true space holder, a living example of what it means to cultivate real wisdom, knowledge and power with grace and a deep sense of humility curiosity and self-responsibility. The life force behind and Infront of me. Eternally grateful that we could do this work together. The valuing of our equal exchanges as reflections that support the networking grid. She never acted like a teacher but a keeper of her own Mothership that activates one into their own too. The healing of the mother and daughter wound is vital for our growth and evolution. The real revolution. For me personally, to humbly accept that in these times the wisdom is in the mother to call fourth the advanced technologies to assist in humanities evolution. In her presence I could really honour myself and in that honouring myself I could honour my mother and in that there is a sacred honouring of all life"

RA - Racquelle Angela

 New Earth Visionary

Medicine Mirror & 1 Sacred Season

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png
Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

Message from Little Crow

What is the Sacred Season? 

Well, let’s start with what it's not. 


"The Sacred Season is not a training or

certification programme and there is no Curriculum,

neither is there anything set in stone"

The Sacred Season is the traditional Ceremonial Cycle of the Sacred Circle I have grounded, held and evolved in various forms over the past 22 years. 

In the month of October of the current year to the May of the following year,

we align ourcelf with the Season and go within to heal and evolve in ritual and ceremony.

This is a Sacred Season of Deep Diving, Holy Healing, Radical Transformation and

Powerful Evolution. All in-cycle with the Great Mother’s Natural Seasons.

This is a way you can:

Celf Heal

Celf Activate

Celf Actualize

Celf Certify and Celf Initiate  


This I believe is the truth of the New Empathic Paradigm and the Rose of the Empowered Empathic Womb, to truly sit in the deep space of yourcelf and uncover your Natural Indigenous Feminine Organix Power:

If you desire to deepen your:

Holding & Facilitation Presence

Evolve your Transformational Leadership

Shift into the New Vision for your Life, Relationship or Business

Embody Cosmic Algorithms

Ground New Timelines

Birth New Code Curriculum

Explore Energetic Sovereignty

Gather Ancient Feminine Wisdom Technologies

Cultivate Authentic Personal Medicine

Come into your Desired Harmonic

 "I have never known this level of permission and encouragement to be and to become more of my true self". 

 Her holding throughout Medicine Mirroring (MM) was unparalleled. She met me in the depths and mirrored me in all the right ways. This has helped me come to understand/innerstand the meaning and the value of being in Right-Relationship with myself: The foundation of the expression of my gifts in the world.   Her unconditional and relentless love allowed me to dive the deepest I've ever dropped into myself.  Together we unpacked my inner dialogue and I now have vastly different conversations with myself.  And with this new imprint and inner knowing, I am able to bring myself into the world in a new way:  With a strong root of self-love and self-worth that I have never known before.  I am still learning to sit in the fire of the discomfort that is necessary to become the catalyst & the transformation that is so needed at this time. And I have not arrived at a fixed point (the journey is ongoing and ever-evolving...) but there is a definite feeling of "before and after" MM and it's not just my inner landscape that has changed over the last 6 months - I do believe that doing the inner work of upgrading my self-perception and sense of self-worth has been the real fundamental and essential shift - but it's not just my relationship with myself that has and continues to change.  People are beginning to recognise me as the Medicine Woman that I am, and the world is teasing my medicine out of me.  I now innerstand that my gifts are totally unique and evolutionary, that I will keep birthing new modalities as I practice, as I keep showing up and saying yes!

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

  I have deeper roots (despite being on the road and navigating the unknown territory of the Mystery) and a much deeper trust that I am guided, that I was born for this time and that what I bring is needed and wanted. Through Rachel Rose's incredible seeing & mirroring, through her exquisite embodiment of sovereignty and her inspirational use of language.  I have come to innerstand how to alchemise my own experience (including my experience of distortion & trauma) into the embodiment, the remembering and the re-activation of the Temple - in all its forms. And although I know that my innerstanding of such mysterious things as the path of the Rose, the Flower-of-Life Reality and the power of Prayer & Ritual will keep deepening and evolving over time I am beginning to get a real sense of what it means to live as a Medicine Woman in the wild times we find ourselves in - and for this, I will be eternally grateful.   I have never known this level of permission and encouragement to be and to become more of my true self.  I can guarantee that if you choose to embark on a journey with Little Crow you will be seen, met, held, supported and stretched in ways that you have never known before. When she shows up, she is 100% engaged, 100% Power and 100 %, Love. For medicine women in-the-making her medicine is pure gold, true magick! And each journey will be tailor-made and unique. It will bring you closer to yourself, to your truth and to your home, closer to your ancestors and your guides, and closer to your purpose and your own power.

Lara Kate

Ancestral / Etheric Womb Medicine

Sacred Fire Keeper

Medicine Mirror & 3 Sacred Seasons

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

Message from Little Crow

The Sacred Season is a dive into your inner mystery and the mystery of everything that is.

I Am offering a Sacred Space to CULTIVATE YOUR OWN WISDOM

I Am offering an Ancient Feminine Healing System to DE-PROGRAM YOURCELF

I Am offering the Sacred Mirrors to SEE YOURSELF BEYOND ALL STRUCTURES






During the Sacred Season, you have the opportunity to



Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

"I Believe that our Femininity is a Sacred Supreme Power, as such it is up to us to cultivate and gather this Sacred, Holy Power and create a resource from which we may heal, grow, transform,  evolve, ourselves, our lineage, our communities,

 our nations and our Earth Star."

Little Crow

 with Rachel Rose Little Crow

7 months Sacred Feminine

Healing Journey


 October 2020 - May 2021

October 2020

The Preparation

Personal Sacred Harvest, Enrolment,

Personal Preparation for the Sacred Season

November 2020

The Past

Introducing Feminine Sacradism

Gathering the Roses of Our Ancestral Mothers

(Ancestral Honouring & Healing Motherlines)

Ancestral Womb Healing Clearing Past Imprints

Personal Ancestral Celestialization Ritual

Divine Forgiveness - Sacred Joy

December 2020

The Old

Time with the Dark Goddess

Old Timeline Disengagement

Healing the Familial Wounds

Integrative Shadow Work

Releasing Personal Fear Matrix

Unveiling Personal Freedom Pathways

January 2021

The Now

Freedom Codes Blue Rose Transmission

Removing the Reproach of Genesis

Ancestral Honouring & Healing Father Line

Exposing the Patriarchal Usurper/Architect

Calling Forth the Sacred Father & Compassionate King

Global Womb Healing

February 2021

The Love

Ancestral Love Alchemy

Bringing Harmony to Our Ancestral Lineage

Energetics of Sovereignty

Embodying the Unified Being

Personal Sacred Union Ritual


March 2021

The Emergence

 First Green Shots

Energetics of Empathic Composure

Activating Solar Daughter Motif

Engaging New Timelines

The Power of what is Conceived



April 2021

The Initiation

Personal Wheel of Initiation

The Power of Your Passion for Planting

Sovereign Sexuality the Infinite Power of Celf Love

Beholding the New

Ancient Feminine Natural Springtime Technologies


May 2021

The Future

May Time Celebration

Completion Motifs

Commencement of Summer

This Spiritual Sacred Feminine Healing Process has been seeded, grounded, developed and evolved through the work of Rachel Rose Little Crow, therefore, all rights of language and system are RESERVED Rachel Rose Third Generation Healer© 2020

The Sacred  Season

Message from Little Crow

The Sacred Season is a deep dive into an inner evolutionary journey.

The purpose of this dive is for Alchemical Healing.

The destination of this journey is down into OUR Ancient Feminine Culture. Through your Own Star Gate and Internal Sun Constellation that is your Womb. 

The Sacred Season

Is designed to evolve you through a process of  Feminine Sacredism

whereby you will: 

Remember and access

Download and Upload

Process and integrate

 Balance and harmonize

Your own healing wisdom, embodiment codex and soul evolution,

which will allow you to access your authentic personal medicine

to transform your life.


What’s next for you Sistar?

And how do you wish to get there?

Every October the Sacred Sistar Circle round-up for a healing season of Sacred Feminine Healing and Sacred Ceremony. 

We begin circling to take a deep dive into our being and travel with the Great Mothers Transformational cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Up until the lockdown, all of my work was live group dynamic, live Ceremony, or face to face one on one.  But just like you in the lockdown I had to try something new and I began holding Sacred Circle, Crow Academy, and the Medicine Mirror online. 


The benefits of this in the Womban that were journeying with me was profound. 

And I realised where the evolution was taking me.

Moving me further towards my vision to sit with as many Womban as I can.

I mycelf have taken this step after many years of hiding and playing it small. 

I’ve embarked on this Season with a personal endeavour to be


While I CARE and continue to HEAL and EVOLVE MYCELF.

I am here because I have walked this path long enough to know, see, and receive the lessons in the challenges, and the outcomes,

and the blessings of pursuing the inner journey.

Beloved Sistar:

I Do Not Come Before You As a Perfect Womban.

But as a Womban committed to maintaining my Frequencie and Personal Harmonic.  

I endeavour to live my own Goddess Embodiment, 

Therefore: I Come as a Womban Walking in My Calling. 

Clear About My Mission. Fully Committed to My Own Involution and Womb Actualisation. Therefore: Fully Equipped and Committed to Support, Guide, Mirror and LOVE YOU through

Your Sacred Season.

It would be an honour to witness

your emergence.


Message from Little Crow

I hear you asking how this will be achieved?   

Please keep reading because I will be sharing this with you very soon. 

Before I share how the Sacred Season works

I’d like to give you some Herstory on Feminine Sacradism.


Feminine Sacradism

Remembering the Old Ways

Mother .jpg
Honouring my Mother
 Pastor Sweediemae Edmund

What is Feminine Sacredism?


As a child, I loved spring and summer and literally hated the winter season. 

As October drew near it was my Mother’s tradition to cover the Womban in the family. 

To Cover:   to veil another with the energy summoned by

consistent spiritual love and healing focused upon that person for a Season.


As young girls, we were not allowed out and all of our friends knew they were not allowed to visit or invite us out to play.  Once the shorter days started showing up, I knew that meant early morning prayer meeting that’s at 6 am, our season of fasting and spiritual devotion meant lots of quiet time, resting, reading, meditating, and journaling. 

 Mother would gather us in the morning and we would sing, and pray, she would anoint us with the Olive Oil she blessed,  As a result of her total devotion and what she summoned spiritually if

I was hiding anything it would come out if anything was hurting I was able to cry it out.  In this Season with my Mother the spiritual work, did not allow for the world to oppress us, or the negativity to build up in us, but we had the space to deal with what had happened to us and

feel deeply into what our calling and giftings were. 

It was a process, the more we sat in the Covering the lighter we became.  

It also meant new white clothing, Mother would make us our sacred garments and with them came new accessories, hair ribbons, head coverings, belts, scarfs and sashes. 

In addition, new books, new journals, and new pens (my favourite).


I must say as I dip back into these memories, I really loved how the Womban in our family were drawn closer together at this time.   And the excitement of the preparation for the journey through the winter. As I grew older, I began to be less resistant to my Mother’s tradition

and there were a number of years where I was so grateful

for the security of this covering my Mother provided.

Once I left home, I also left my Mother’s traditions behind me, for a while I felt free without the container of this tradition.  But I also know that I became less and less rooted without it.  

I distinctly remember the day I returned to the old ways.  It was a time where I was so broken, my life was deeply depressed and I had isolated mycelf again unable to contend with a world where I felt I had no true connection and that was so harsh in its energies. 

In the winter of 1993, the year after the birth of my daughter I felt the call to go within.  It showed up as a deep discontent in my belly, my mind had no further solutions for me just the continued ramblings of dysfunctional celf conversation.  I felt swollen by the suppression of my emotions and desperate for a release and a shift.  I was truly beside mycelf not knowing what else to do I remembered the safety of my Mothers covering and for the first time since leaving home, I covered mycelf and my daughter.  Ever since that time, I have covered us in October.  


Soon after this I began inviting the Womban I was Circling with into this tradition and very soon after that, I began reshaping my Mothers tradition.  It did not take long for me to understand that the covering in October was something that called to many Womban. 

When I realised that my Mother was in her natural Seasons and Cycles and that this had absolutely nothing to do with religion.  I empowered mycelf with this covering and opened it to make it totally accessible to all womban. 

I coined the phrase “Feminine Sacradism”

my Mother used to refer to it as “Holiness” 


FEMININE SACRADISM:  To make the Feminine Sacred, to Cover the Feminine and veil it away from the secular for a Season of separateness, to Cover the Feminine For Empowerment and to develop its presence,

to Saturate with Feminine Power.


I did so because I remembered that as a child once spring arrived, my sisters and I were reborn, we would jump into the openness of spring with vigour and the world and life felt new to us.  It’s not that the issues had disappeared but my whole being just seemed lighter to carry.

Now 28 years later Feminine Sacradism is my way of life. 

Over the span of the last 28 years, I have invited hundreds of womban into

Feminine Sacradism in many different formats.  

Feminine Sacradism is a conscious choice to go within, a time to come away, a time where you are present to the choice to focus on yourcelf and your healing needs.  Feminine Sacradism says I put mycelf first, I am listening to what I need and desire,

I align mycelf with the power of Natures Cycles, 

and in doing so I discover deeper places to sit within and embody celf.


To journey through the Sacred Season means to sit in Feminine Sacradism and allow yourcelf to be covered, held and witnessed by someone you trust.   it also means that for the first time you don’t have to sit in Crow Academy or the Medicine Mirror to get access to the evolutionary rituals, ceremony and transmissions

that support your healing, transformation and evolution.

Message from Little Crow

What is the

Sovereign Womb Chamber?

The Season.jpg


Blessed Sistar:  I humbly advise you now, there is powerful Ancestral Transformational medicine in my Healing Chamber.  


I am not telling you this to boast. 

It is my responsibility to let you know that if you take this journey, there may be dark nights of the soul, there may be challenges that can and will expose the elements that need support to break you through your limitations and into a season of transformation. 


There may be obstacles, and certainly part of this experience is to discover where you get in your own way. These things that may happen however challenging, can bring clarity and Illuminate your Personal Integrity, Authenticity and launch your Personal Authority for your womb empowerment.    


I do not know yet what we will discover in Your Womb or the nature of the work ritually and ceremonially that will need to be facilitated for your Evolution, Healing, Reclamation and Restoration to occur. 


But this is the work that I have been dedicated to for the past 28 years of my life. 

I promise you the fullness of my experience.  I do this work because I was born to do it, raised to do it and I am simply submitting mycelf to the powerful call on my life to serve this Earth Star.

I would like to introduce you to one of my Holders (Elders). One of my Spiritual Mothers has kindly written this on my behalf.  This is all relevant to the Energy that you will be with should you choose to journey with me through the Sacred Season.

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

7 months Sacred Feminine

Healing Journey

How do we achieve the Sacred Season?

The Sacred Season is facilitated in 5 ways:

1.   Sitting in the monthly Sacred Healing Chamber one day retreats to receive Evolutionary Healing Transmissions 

Sitting in the Sacred  Season means you will sit in

The New Earth Sacred Sistar Circle

 that will sit online once per month 

(with the exception of January where we sit two times)

2.   Joining in the Weekly Rosina Healing Circle

(Starts in January 2021).

3. Participating in the online New Earth Sacred Sistar Circle

for sharing and support. 

The New Earth Sistar Circle Online

will run from this website. 

We will not be on Facebook,

Sacredism Means Separate from the Secular. 


5.   Scheduling and achieving Personal Development Days        (PDD) at least 1 per week.




 "She was a rebel from the beginning"

Pastor H. Lewis

Spiritual Mother

 Preparation for Spiritual Living & Service

“I have known Ra Ra all her life, I am one of her Spiritual Mothers, she has had many Spiritual Mothers in her life.  It did take a number of us to bring her in.  She was a rebel from the very beginning.  On the night she was born, every hair on her Mothers body stood on end.  It is a miracle that her Mother survived to deliver her into this world.  I talk about her beloved parents often.  No one will ever know the depth the bond of love and respect my late Husband Gladstone Henry Lewis and I had with her parents.  They were both powerful visionaries and spiritual builders.


I personally set Rachel on the path of fasting and prayer for preparation for spiritual living and service, she was only 5 years old at the time.  Back then she was fostered with my husband and I as her parents were pastoring and building an International Church Organization. 

This daughter of mine has been raised to serve God’s people, it was witnessed in her at the age of 3 when her father the Late Bishop Gerald Edmund, put her on a chair at the front of a packed church and she not only sang but ministered to the people through song.  There is much more I could say but my pen cannot truly describe my love for her.

She will always be my Ra Ra”


Aunto and Mother.jpg
Mother Lewis & Mother Edmund

Message from Little Crow

My Dear Sistar:

I am deeply compelled within mycelf to live as who I am as an expression of my unique indigenous nature.  I value FREEDOM over everything, I am committed to having my voice and to be enveloped by personal sovereignty as a living conscious expression. 

What I have learnt is all of the above are just pious dreams if I am not as equally committed to the Sovereignty of all people.

Everything I have actualised, cultivated, and brought forward as been a result of endless cycles of deep inner healing, I am on a deeply personal quest to heal and restore mycelf, return mycelf and retrieve mycelf.  To discover celf love, celf respect, celf esteem, celf value and personal authority as live Organix Mater within.


Beneath the Trauma Lies the Rose

After many, many years of this Inner Work, I began to find the Roses, they showed up as new perceptions, new modalities 

Ancient Science, and multidimensional connections and much more. 

All these things began to evolve me, but it was not until I started sharing these origin essences that I began to see the Roses in others.

I Am A Sovereign Womb Sacred Healing Chamber Living Mothership

I don’t say it to impress you, I say it because it heals me, it strengthens me to speak it, when I say it, it supports me to anchor my future timelines.

And I speak it because it roots the responsibility of being such a BEING,

and it truly allows me to be in Divine Love.

Through this Sovereign Healing Chamber that I am there dwells many Sacred Mirrors, Multiple Dimensions and Powerful Containers,

without a doubt, I am a Witch and I have dedicated myself to the

Keeping of Sacred Ancestral Fires.

Sistar, if you are considering the Journey through the Sacred Season with me, something

I am vastly aware of:

You know that you are an Active Mothership,

or you have a deep resonance with what I’m saying here, or, your Mother Scrolls are preparing for upload.

I humbly ask you to sit with this Sistar.

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png
Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

Sovereign Womb

Sacred  Healing Chamber

Ancestral, Multi-Dimensional, 

Multi Elemental, Origin Essence

Or whats running live in my Chamber. 

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png


Living Authentic Ancestral Bridge Technology

Ancestral Womb Healing

Ancient Feminine Recall

Purveyor Ancient Feminine Culture

Ancient Feminine Numerology

Ancient Feminine Shentixs (Chakra)

Etheric Womb Healing

Etheric Science of Imprint

Etheric Wing Motiff

Sacred Oracle Medicine

Sacred Healing Pendulum

Sacred Rose Alchemical Healing

Freedom Codes Blue Rose Transmission

Celestial Crystal Healing

New Earth Celestial Modalities

Multi-Dimensional Frequency Facilitation

Vibrational Medicine

Spiritual Doula

High Priestess Codex

Perpetual Inner Child Healing

Flower of Life Reality

Cosmic Dissolvement Karmic Release

New Earth Terrestial Modalities

Mother Drum Tabernacle

Pure 5th TForks

Acutonics TForks Niribu & Chiron

Live Ancient Prayer Lines

Live Ancient Song Lines

Live Ancient Drum Lines

New Earth Ceremonialist

New Earth Circle Grounder

Ancient Future Technologist

New HUMA Luminous Codex

Primrose Codex

Diamond Ankh New Ancient Crystalline Codex

New Empathic Paradigm Codex

Old Paradigm Deconstruction






Sovereign Womb Healing Chamber Day Retreats

You can think of this just like a monthly visit to the temple. 

These Chamber Sessions are where we enter the Feminine Sacradism and sit in the New Earth Sacred Sistar Circle to receive the healing transmissions and evolutionary embodiment work.  

Chamber Sessions run from 11:11 am – 5:55 pm

with an hour break for lunch.

Maat Ankh Blue rose.png

Message from Little Crow

Sacred Sistar,

All of this above and so much more constitutes 

Empathic Crow Medicine, which is the Ancestral Medicine I have retrieved through the sacred promise I made to myself to embrace my Ancestral Responsibilities and do the work in mycelf and within my Lineage, Inorder to ensure my Ancestors continue to evolve and achieve the multidimensional Initiations that do not take place in this body but in the Great Etheric Chamber of our Soul.

I am not the only one, Authentic New Wave Medicine Womban are evolving all over Our Earth Star, we are individually thus collectively actualizing ourcelfs and, we have been preparing ourcelfs for such a long time, awaiting the Season of Our Emergence.  We are seeing each other, recognising each other and the Natural Womb Network is aligning and activating itcelf, through the deep inner work.


I Am Calling you to the Sacred Season,

To the Sovereign Womb Reality,

Into your own Flower of Life Activation and to the:

New Earth Sacred Sistar Circle.

To sit in The New Earth Sacred Sistar Circle your inner energetixs and spirit will align with the following:

Mother Principal

Personal & Collective Sovereignty

Commitment to Social Justice

Positioned to Non-Judgment

Commitment to Sacred Confidentiality

Commitment to Celf Responsibility

Commitment to Sacred Union

Commitment to Authentic Medicine

Commitment to Paradigm Shift


To Sit in this Circle, your ideals will generally align with the following:


All life is Sacred

The Womb is a Star Gate and the Portal of all life

As such the Womb is the Centre of all life on the Earth Star

Therefore, the Womban can conceive not only children but technologies, modalities and philosophies that can sustain all life on the Earth Star.

It is then the destiny of all Womban to rise and know ourcelfs once more as natural leaders, healers, definers and progenitra of life

and existence upon this Earth Star.

To walk in this destiny means we must reclaim ourcelves from the deep imprint of patriarchal oppression, suppression, and repression.

One of the ways to embark on this great reclamation is to sit with mycelf and with other Womban to heal the trauma and retrieve

the wisdom within our wounding and engage

our Organix Feminine Indigenous Power.

New Earth Sistar Circle

Little Crow

New Earth Circle Grounder

New Earth Ceremonialist

Energetixs of Sacred Space

A Sacred Space is a Space that holds

whatever intention it is Called In or Formed In.

 In the case of the New Earth Sistar Circle.

 Space is Called & Formed to Facilitate the

Alchemical Healing Experience of the Sacred Season.

A Sacred Space is a Space of learning and Sharing

A Space to Raise Our Individual & Collective Frequencies

A Space to Raise Prayer 

​A Space to Affect, Effect and Infect Positively

​We are free to be Authentic in this Space

This is Sacred it's about You.


Your relationship with Spirit and Your Ancestors,

it’s about Your Connection into the Ancient Wisdom You Possess. 


This is about Our understanding that as Womban

We need a Special Time, A Time for Us. 

A Time to Come Away to Heal.


​It is about Recognising that Without Us Returning to the Sacred Places Within Us,


We Live and Experience Life from Perspectives that

Do Not Hold Our Fullest Potential.


Message from Little Crow

Live Sacred Ceremony

During the Sacred Season, you have the opportunity to be in LIVE Sacred Ceremony.

I am genuinely excited to open the

New Earth Sacred Ceremonial Circle to you dear Sistar.

  My Ceremonial Team and I welcome you;

we have spent the last 4 years preparing for you.

There are 3 opportunities for you to be in LIVE SACRED CEREMONY

this Season.

When we gather for LIVE Sacred Ceremony it is an all-day thing.  

You will also need the following day to rest, as sometimes we can go late into the night depending on how many Womban are LIVE at the Fire.

It is at LIVE Sacred Ceremony where with the support of my Ceremonial Team I can work with you as you process your rituals and engage with the

Alchemical Power of the Ancestral Fire.

And all Elementals.


The first opportunity is on

International Womban Day March 6th, 2020

This year for the first time I will be making an open call to Sacred Ceremony for International Womban Day.  So, there is a great possibility that we will have a diverse group attend this Sacred Ceremony.

 March 20th, 2020

We will Circle again for Sacred Ceremony

And then Finally our Summer Commencement Sacred Ceremony for closing the Sacred Season and opening the Summer will take place.


  May 8th 2021.

What Happens in LIVE Sacred Ceremony?

We Drum, Sing, Dance, Pray, Speak, Heal, Grieve,

We Burn The Fire, WE DO SO UNTIL

The Healing Happens Until the Shift Occurs,

Until the Breakthrough Dawns,

Until the Heart Feels Free,

The Body Relaxed, The Emotions Cleansed  

Until We Touch Our Power,

Until the Mouth, the Heart and The WOMB Opens

To Once Again Bless All Life.

We Remember Our Ancestors, We Ley Sacred Altars

We Bring Our Drums and Percussion

Food, Flowers, Candles, Crystals, Incense, Water & Firewood

New Earth Sistar Circle

Little Crow

New Earth Circle Grounder

New Earth Ceremonialist

Energetixs of Sacred Space


 Declaration of

Womban ONLY


We create a Sacred Space A Sacred Circle

A Sacred Space is a Space free from doctrines,

politics, and any kind of ISM or OlOGY.

​Which means Sacred Space is free from Celf judgement and therefore

The judgement of others is also Suspended.

Free to be Authentic and Express the Beauty of

Our INNER Womban, Priestess, Witch, Queen and Goddess.

​A Sacred Circle is Free from Feelings of

Competition, Jealousy, and Inferiority. 



October 1st – Monday 15th November (Last day to enrol)

Enrolment, Preparation for the Season. 


Saturday 28th November 2020

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day One


Saturday 19th December 2020

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day Two


Saturday 9th January 2021

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day Three


Saturday 23rd January 2021

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day Four


Saturday 20th February 2021

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day Five


There is no Chamber Day in March 2021

but an opportunity to be at two

LIVE Sacred Ceremonies


Saturday 6th March 2021

International Womban Day

LIVE Sacred Ceremony One

3 pm – LATE


Saturday 20th March 2021

LIVE Open Sacred Ceremony Two

3:00 pm – LATE


Saturday 24th April 2021

11: 11 am – 5: 55 pm

Sacred Season Chamber Day Six

Final Chamber Day


Saturday 8th May 2021